Monday, June 20, 2016


Hello everybody after quite long break :) But now I came back and I will try to be here more often :) Today I would like to tell you about event I was able to take part two weeks ago :D

It was event organized by Love2Move, the biggest event for dance fitness fans. There were few workshops from different dance styles plus two big marathons :D In saturday, first day of this event I was able to take part in Salsation workshop with Alejandro Angulo. I will tell you just one thing- Amazing man <3 Seriously he is the most positive and energetic person I've ever met. It was the best lesson in my life and I  will never forget it. Every his word about dance moves means more than thousands words saying by someone else. Generally his team is amazing and all of them are so modest and down to the ground. He can send motivation to the laziest person on this planet :D Next thing was big marathon with Alejandro other international trainers and few polish trainers. It was also something really magical. I've never seen so many smiley faces and I've never felt so many energy around me and on the stage. I was also honored on this marathon to take part in special workshop with Tony Stone who are great choreographer and worked with Beyonce and Michael Jackson dancers. Isn't awesome? It is, totally :D Guy who work with such stars was teaching something normal people who are just fans of dance fitness programme. Totally unforgetable moment :D
But instead of intensive Saturday I didn't calm down because in Sunday I went to La Playa for other marathon, last marathon on this event. There were also the same stars as the day before and it was also amazing. I can say that there was really hot not only because high temperature and sun but also because everything what happened on the stage. I hope that soon I will be able to take part in such event because it was one of the best thing in my life :D

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