Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hello everybody in this beautiful day :) Do you also have such beautiful weather outside? I hope so :) Today I woke up in wonderful mood and everything probably because of yesterday training :) It was my first time with Twerkout workshop and for sure not last time. Probably name of this training reminds you of the popular twerk and it's good way. But twerkout it's not only learning ho to shake ass, it's something more :) It's fitness training with learning twerk techniques.
I can tell you that I really recommend this training :D Positive energy, a lot of smiles, a lot of excersises and amazing choreography what let you show your sensuality :) I recommend this training to every girl :D 
And here is short video with Domi promoting twerkout :) 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Oatmeal in different versions

Hello everybody :) Today is friday so it's time to start a weekend :D Do you have some interesting plans?
To be honest I don't but maybe because of this I will create more posts on this blog? :) Anyway I was thinking for a long time about topics and I got this idea. Generally I already added one post about breakfast but I'm big fan of this meal and I'm always taking care of what I eat at the morning. So today especially for you some new and I hope interesting ideas :)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to study effectively?

I know that you can find in  the internet a lot of such posts but I wanted to write mine and show you may ways to study :) Especially that it's a good time for such topics: exams, tests etc :)
Before every exam I'm trying to use few really important for me steps and it help me to study better and faster :)
1. Hand writing notes
I know it's quite old method, but when I'm writing something I'm already starting to remember a lot of things. I'm also a visual so it's better for me to read hand writing notes that computer notes.
2. Using colors.
It's commonly know method. Even my mum and probably grandmother used it. The more color on my notes the better way to remember important things :) Another good thing about this method is that it's so much nicer to look at such colorful notes than on those where you used only black or blue pen. 
3. Association
I'm using this method when I have to remember difficult definition or name of something and I can't do this in any other way. I'm just trying to associate this hard name with something what I always know. For example when I had to study physiology and anatomy and I had problem with remember which fibers are read or white and which of them slow twitch or fast. I said to myself that if we have to stop on red light then red fibers will be slow twitch but if white light is fast then fibers also should be. Maybe it's seems to be stupid but it helped me :)
4. Music therapy
For me it's nothing more than listening to favorite music when you're reading your notes. Maybe favaorite song will let you remember really hard definitions or when you're sining to the rhythm of your song you will know something more and even faster? You never know, maybe it's worth a try :)
5. Recording
It's good method especially for auditory people. It's about reading your notes loud and recording it so when you're really tired then you can just play your voice and listen to it. Maybe something will stay in your head? What's more about this method? You can also check your voice and pronunciaton. 
So I showed you 5 methods of good studying :D Of course you have to remember that breaks are really important :) You have to relax a little and clean your mind :) And what about yours method?

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Marbled hybrids

Hey everyone :) Today I will come back to topic that I've started some time ago but I didn't have chance to write something new about it :( Luckily now I have an idea so with smile on my face I can write for you this post. Today I will tell you and show you how to do easy but really nice hybrid nails. Probably you heard about marbled technique if yes then you will have a chance to compare your knowledge with mine if not then you will be able to know something about this technique :) 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Be optimistic

Do you also realized how many pesimists we have around? Do you also have such friends that instead of regular "hello" you hear "omg how much I don't want to do this; I have enough of everything; I'm tired; My head hurts; It's too hot today"? 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Healthy snacks

If you're looking for the biggest fan of sweets, it's probably me :D Since I was a kid sweets were my weakness and maybe because I've never had to take care of my weight I didn't have to stop myself from eating them :) But since some time I decided to change something in my diet and I thought that maybe I will try to reduce sweets, so the easiest way to do this is not keeping sweets in home and it worked :)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Polish version

It's just quick post for all my polish readers :D If you want to read my blog in polish then right now it is possible :) The only thing you have to do is to push the "Wordpress" icon at the right site of my blog with caption "polish version" and then enjoy my blog in polish :D
Have a good night everybody :*