Monday, June 27, 2016

Healthy snacks

If you're looking for the biggest fan of sweets, it's probably me :D Since I was a kid sweets were my weakness and maybe because I've never had to take care of my weight I didn't have to stop myself from eating them :) But since some time I decided to change something in my diet and I thought that maybe I will try to reduce sweets, so the easiest way to do this is not keeping sweets in home and it worked :)

But believe me for first few days I was searching all my cabinets if there is something but after few critical days I finally realized that I don't need Snickers and chocolate to be happy :)
Of course I can't say that I reduced totally eating sweets because like I said at the beginning I'm big sweets monster so I tried to replace unhealthy sweets for something better but as delicious as regular sweet goodies. Today I will show few propositions of healthy snacks, some of them you can buy in shop but some you can do in your home and you will need only few or several minutes for it :)

1. Day Up- little thing but full of good and healthy components :)
Did you try it already? If not I fully recommend it :) Fruits, flakes, oats, yogurt but without sugar :) 

2. Smoothie or coctail - if it's summer time and we have a lot of fruits right now so maybe we should use them? Recipe for smoothie is so easy, you just need to put your favorite fruits to blender and afer few minutes we have delicious drink or mousse it depends how much water or juice we will pour. And if you want to have coctail also add favorite fruits but instead of water just add milk or yogurth and you will have another delicious snack. I'm sure such drink will taste even better in nice bottles or glasses.

3. Muesli bars

But of course I don't have in my mind bars in shops because you can do your own bars in home and it's really easy. I'm just mixing such things like oat flakes, coconut shrims, dried cranberries (but you can use other favorite fruits), almond flakes or other favorite nuts :) Then you have to preheat the owen and in the same time heat up in a pot condensed milk (but without sugar) and honey and then mix it with  our delicacies and put everything on baking mold with baking paper and put into the oven for something around one hour. When it will cool down a little you can cut it in pieces :) Unfortunatelly I don't have any photo of my muesli bar but I hope you will like it anyway :)

4. Fruit chips

I think all of you like to crunch something delicious but now you can eat something healthy. You just need to cut fruits (the best choice are apples and pears) into really thin slices, sprinkle with cinnamon if you like and put into the oven to dry (50 celcius degrees ) until fruits will be crunchy.  

5.  The last snack for today will be spelt waffers. You can buy them in almost every shop and in different flavours but totally without sugar.

It's everything for today :) I hope you liked my propositions but if you have your ideas I'm waiting for your comments :) 

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