Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Breakfast doesn't have to be boring

Hello guys :) It's another day and because it's time of exams maybe it will be good to get some time and eat nutritious breakfast :D At the beginning I will tell that my proposition for today takes more time than making ordinary sandwiches but if you have more time it's worth of work. When I have such days that I don't have a time I choose something easy to make- my favortie porridge but it's topic for other post :)
Today I will focus on pancakes and it can be really nice alternative for breakfast for all fans of this delicious things. I took recipe from one of polish sites on facebook "Pyszności" but I changed it just a little bit :)

 - 2 glasses of flour
-2 eggs - 1 glass of milk
- 1/2 glass of mineral water
- 1 teaspoon of salt
- 3 spoons of oil
 - 1 teaspoon of sugar (I added honey because I prefer natural sugar ;) )
- half of mango-cut into really small pieces (in original recipe they used bluberries but as you can see you can use other fruit)

Add flour, eggs, milk and salt to bowl and mix everything, use mixer it will be easier. Then add oil and sugar or honey in my case and mix everything until your mixture will be smooth. On the hot and dry pan put a little bit of mixture and shape. On pancake put fruits and after some time flip it over few times. When pancakes will be ready you can sprinkle pancakes with pwdered sugar and use favortie fruits to decorate like I did (it's strawberry season so we should use them) and bon apetit :)

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