Saturday, October 24, 2015


Do you know what it is? Hormones of happines :) That's why after great work out instead of big tiredness you're also happy :D Do you know this feeling? I know it so much :) Espcially after today. I was able to take part in big work out event when I had few trainings: dance, zumba and 3x fitness. You will say that I am crazy, maybe I am but believe me feeling after such thing is the best feeling ever. Of course during excersises you want to give up, to stop this torture but then you hear treiner's voice "Don't give up. You can do this. You're great and it's only few seconds more." and then you feel this- this power from your trainer and from other people who also feels the same. You look to the right and you see that you're friend can do this so the only thing in your mind is "If she can I can't be worse than her. I CAN DO THIS" and you do :) In such situations when you think that your body don't listen to you anymore and you want give up it's not true. It's only in your mind. You're mind fails first not your body. The most important thing is first to make your brain works for you not against you then you will see that your body can do more. Just believe in yourself because the limit is first in your mind not in your body if you don't feel pain just you're tired then it's great. You can do more than you think :) And at the end I have good song for you to such training :D Uptown Funk

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  1. Haha. That song is awesome for motivation. I started working out for vanity, but when I discovered the happiness of endorphins I was hooked. It's reason enough for a good workout. ^_^