Friday, May 6, 2016

A world full of hatred

Hello guys, I know that I wasn't here for quite long time but I didn't have inspiration to write something good :( To be honest this post will not be anything special but it's a topic that I wanted to write about for so long...
Did you realize how much hatred we have today in the internet? It's awful what other people write in different social sites. Okay it's true that I'm not fan of all celebrities or participants of different tv shows and I don't like some of them but I'm not sure if not liking someone is a reason to write really bad comments about them on public sites? For me is hopeless because how do you feel as a celebrity who read on twitter, facebook  or on other such kind of websites posts full of hate and insult? I wonder that not good. Of course you can say that if you are celebrity you should be ready for negative comments and everybody can say their opinion but wishing someone death is really necessary? I don't think so :( 

I tried to understand why those people write such stupid and hurting things, maybe it's because of jealousy or they are bored with their own lifes I have no idea but even if generally I'm trying to be nice person but in that case I wish all this people to feel exactly the same like celebrities. 
In my opinion there is nothing wrong with write negative comment that you don't like someone or someone's voice or dance it's understandable but can we do this with respect? Without using such phrases like "you are fat b***h ; better kill yourself ; I wish you lose all your family and friends", is it possible? To make everything clear in this post I'm not defending any special celebrity I'm talking in generall because remember writing such things on public sites is the same offence as saying such things face to face. It's also a bullying because believe me or not words can hurt sometimes more than phisical violence because words gave you mental scars and they're not so easy to heal :(
 There is such smart quote "do unto others as you would have them to do unto you " so before you write such hurting message to someone just think if you really want to hear it and remember that sometimes when you wish bad luck to someone it can come back to you so just be careful.  Of course I want to know what is your opinion about this topic so iif you want to share leave a comments :) 
Have a good friday :*

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