Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Be optimistic

Do you also realized how many pesimists we have around? Do you also have such friends that instead of regular "hello" you hear "omg how much I don't want to do this; I have enough of everything; I'm tired; My head hurts; It's too hot today"? 

I don't know what about you but it's the only think what I don't like so much in other people. I understand that everyone can have a bad day sometimes, I have the same, but not everyday. The worst thing is that such people don't know that their such pesmistic behavior have bad influence on on other people. Such pesismists before they will do something they will complain about it or about person who forced them to do this. In such cases I'm wondering if they don't feel bad that they're wasting their time for complaining. Life is too short for having such pretensions. Such eternal complaining have also negative influance on their mental health. If they are saying such things they probably also have such thoughts.  That's why isn't better to collect positive thoughts? We have suchc beautiful weather outside, sun is shining, summer holidays are getting closer or maybe someone already have holidays so it's the best time for smiling and thinking in more postive way :)  Sometimes such smile can have a positive influance on other person who had bad day. That's why instead of saying "omg how much I don't want to do this, it will be bad day" try to say, even if you really don't want something "I will do everything to have a good day" and instead of complaing because too hot day stay in home, do something what you really like and drink homemade lemonade or if you have to leave dress in more colorful clothes, take bottle of water, wear something on your head to protection and then you can attack this hot day.  Even if you think that it can be or already was bad day try to think about something positive what happened to you after all :) Maybe you will find at least one such thing.  My advice for today is: try to think positive and smiling more often. Try to find in your life something what will always bring smile on your face. It can be your favorite song, play time with your animal, conversation with your best friend or watching your favaoritee series. You have so many posibilities, the most important is to find good way to spend bad day and then smiling to other people instead of complaining. :D And what do you think about such people? Do you have such pesimits in your surroundings?  
To make this day even better I have really optimistic song for you :D Happy :D

Have a good day and positive day :*

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