Sunday, October 18, 2015

Chapter I

Or maybe I will add first chapter even today :D Something for I hope good night :)

Why not? 

Chapter I:

-Digg, I told you that I will be there… yes for sure… Digg… okay bye- Sam was talking on the phone with his friends when he was living the bank. 
-Sam? Is it really you?- Sam heard someone voice when he was near his car and he turned around.
-Hey man- he said with smile when he recognized his old friend.  –What’s up Paul? Long time no see right?- he said with smile and hugged his friend.
-Oh yes. But what are you doing here?- Paul asked.
-I’m living here right now, because my band have studio here – Sam said with smile. –And what about you?-
-Oh yes I heard about your band. So now you’re famous right?- Paul asked with smile and Sam laughed. –But if we’re talking about me so I’m also living here. Jess is studying here and Nina, my girlfriend has work here  the same is with me so we had to move here. –
-Jessie is studying right now? Wow, I remembered her as a little girl – Sam said and Paul laughed.
-Believe me man, she’s not so little anymore… but you can see it right now- Paul said and showed him young, pretty girl who was walking to them. Sam was in shock because Paul was right she is not little anymore. He saw beautiful woman with long legs and even more beautiful smile.  He couldn’t believe that this little sometimes even annoying girl will grow up to be such a beautiful girl. It looked like she was really confident about her look because you could see it in her moves and even in her style. She was wearing leather leggings, high-heeled boots, long t-shirt and leather jacket.
-Hey bro- Jessie said and kissed her brother’s cheek.  –You know that you didn’t have to come here, I know how to get to home- she said teasingly.
-I know but I wanted to be sure that you will be in home before midnight because our parents will come for dinner- Paul  said teasingly and Jessie pouted. –By the way do you remember Sam?- he asked with smile.
-Sam…- Jessie said softly and looked at Sam. –Oh yes I remember you,  I heard about your band. You look so much better right now- Jessie said with smile.
-Thanks, you also changed – Sam said with his charming smile.
-By the way Paul I won’t be at home in weekend. I want to rent small country house with friends so I will go there at Friday and I will be back in Sunday evening.- Jessie just said and she opened her bag.
-You want to go there with Kevin?- Paul asked.
-Well he will be there but I’m not going there with him- Jessie said and she was looking for something in her bag.
-Why? You had a quarrel again? It’s another prove Sam that she’s not little girl anymore. She has a quarrel with Kevin- her boyfriend  few times in a month and…- Paul wanted to continue but Jessie pinched him.
-We broke up two weeks ago…- Jessie said.
-Omg again?- Paul asked a little bit bored and Jessie send him death look.
-This time for sure but we’re still friends. – Jessie said and smiled. –Oh finally- she said happily when she found her lip-gloss. 
-Jess you’re smoking again?- Paul asked angrily when he saw cigarette pack in her bag. Jessie just rolled her eyes and closed her bag.
-So Sam how it is to be a rock star?- she asked flirtatiously and looked at tall man.
-Well I’m not a rock star I’m just doing what I really like but do you like our music?- Sam asked.
-I don’t know because to be  honest I just saw your one video  clip on tv just it but as I said you’re good. I think with your look you have a lot of pretty fans. – she said and smiled.
-Maybe, but we’re not picking up our fans, we’re not that kind of band, but maybe someday you will come on our concert? – Sam proposed with smile.
-Maybe, why not- Jessie said with smile and in this moment Sam’s phone rang.
-I’m sorry- he said apologetically and took his phone. –I told you that I will be there- he said angrily to the phone.  –Okay mister “I will be talking since your ears will bleed” I’m coming- he said angrily and ended his call. –I’m sorry but I have to go, my band mate can be really annoying sometimes, seriously he is more talkative than women sometimes… I’m sorry- he added and smiled sweetly to Jessie.
-No problem, but which one called to you. Another brunette or this blonde one? – Jessie asked really interested.
-Blonde one, his name is Digger. Why are you asking?-
-I was curious because generally he isn’t my type but there is something about him… - she dreamed a little bit.  
-I think I will never understand girls…- Sam said sadly and Paul laughed.
-The same here man- he said and slapped his back.
-Okay I have to go right now, I hope to see you soon again. Bye- Sam said, hugged his friend again and smiled to Jessie then he went to the car. 

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