Monday, November 9, 2015

Concert fever

It's Monday so time to start new week and come back to normal life after really amazing weekend with friends :D
If you read short note about me here on my blog you probably know that I love going on concert because sitting in home and listening to your favorite albums isn't the same thing what being on live concert, listening to your favorite band, dancing with your friend and feeling this magical energy from your idols.
So why this weekend was amazing for me? Because I was on the really great gig of polish band Enej :) I'm not a crazy fan of this band but I like to listen to their song from time to time and I also heard them live few times on different festival so I thought why not? And I wasn't dissapointed :D Guys from the band gave amazing concert, a lot of amazing and you can believe me that everybody in this club were dancing. No one could just stand there and listening to music :)

 I was standing in first row so I made some photos from the gig so if you want to see them I posted some of them here :)

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