Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday again :(

Today is a Monday so time to start new week of school, work etc.. I don't like Mondays because I know that it's just the beginning of new week and new challenges. It will be hard week for me but nothing can stop me from doing my favorite things like listening to music for example. Yes :) I'm a music lover. I love listening to music and dancing. That's why I would like to show you a song that stuck in my head some time ago and today I can't stop listening to it. It's a cover because original song is singing by Hozier but I'm not a fan of this artist so I like this version more: Take me to church. Yes I know that it's Demi but I really think that her voice is amazing and she really can sing :) I'm fan of her voice and it's the most important thing for me :D

So it's everything for now. I will post new chapter tomorrow or maybe even today? :) Who knows :) Have a good night :)

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