Sunday, July 3, 2016

Marbled hybrids

Hey everyone :) Today I will come back to topic that I've started some time ago but I didn't have chance to write something new about it :( Luckily now I have an idea so with smile on my face I can write for you this post. Today I will tell you and show you how to do easy but really nice hybrid nails. Probably you heard about marbled technique if yes then you will have a chance to compare your knowledge with mine if not then you will be able to know something about this technique :) 

When I was doing my nails I mixed Semilac nail polish with polishes from Aliexpress - Sexy Mix (they are also quite good but cheaper than Semilac and they have also a lot of nice colors)
I started with doing traditional hybrid manicure, I used nail polish Semilac 022 Mint. 
1. Prepare nails raughened them with polishing pad from Semilac hybrid starter and cleaned them with Nail Cleaner.
13566911_1205390159484631_7619631874254607381_n2. Paint your nails with Semilac base.13567183_1205390349484612_8776570357826233243_n
Dry them for 30 sec under the lamp.13532858_1205390386151275_1171161067721538075_n3. Put on your nails color polish (I put two layers) then dry them for 60 sex. after putting every single layer of course. 13438882_1205390182817962_3206558497744046348_n4. Then in regular hybrid manicure we shoul put Semilac top on our nails but I wanted to do some patterns on my two nails - thumb and ring-finger. First I have to clean them again with Nail Cleaner. 
5. If our nails are prepared it's time to make our pattern. We will need two more colors -  Sexy Mix 113, Sexy Mix 069 and Semilac Mint -022 and regular drinking straw.

6. Making marbled manicure is really easy. We just need to put on nails chosen colors in the form of big spots but you have to be careful because you can't put to much polish on your nails. I use Peel Off my Miss Sporty to protect my skin around my nail. 
When our peels are protected and you put other colors on your nails them we're taking straw and really gentle blowing on nail from outside part of the nail to the middle part. 
7. When we will accept the effect we have to put nail under the lamp for 60 s. 
8. Time for last part so we have to put top coat on our nails and then dry them under lamp (2 x 60 sec)
It's everything :D 8 simply steps and it's final result :D
Do you like such technique? Have a nice evening :*

7. Wykonanie marmurkowego manicure jest bardzo proste. Wystarczy na wybrany paznokieć nałożyć każdy z wybranych kolorów w formie ciapek jedna obok drugiej, ale należy uważać aby nie nałożyć za dużo żeby uniknąć efektu rozlania. Ja aby zabezpieczyć swoje skórki przed zabrudzeniami nakładam preparat Peel Off firmy Miss SpKiedy skórki są już zabezpieczone i wybrane lakiery nałożone na paznokcie bierzemy naszą słomkę do ręki, nakierowujemy na paznokieć i bardzo delikatnie dmuchamy aby poruszyć lakier. Robimy to od wewnętrznej części paznokcia do środka. 

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