Friday, July 15, 2016

Oatmeal in different versions

Hello everybody :) Today is friday so it's time to start a weekend :D Do you have some interesting plans?
To be honest I don't but maybe because of this I will create more posts on this blog? :) Anyway I was thinking for a long time about topics and I got this idea. Generally I already added one post about breakfast but I'm big fan of this meal and I'm always taking care of what I eat at the morning. So today especially for you some new and I hope interesting ideas :)

You probably know that breakfast is the most important meal. Good breakfast depends on how we will start our day and how much energy we will get. Last time I heard that we should eat proteins for breakfast if we're active and it shouldn't be sweet dish. It's really hard for me because I like sweets and sweet breakfasts like oatmeals or omlettes are my favorite kind of breakfast. That's why today outmeal will be my topic. 
I tried a lot of versions of oatmeal with different ingredients. And it's few of my ideas for such kind of breakfast :) 
To every oatmeal I posted here I'm using the same, easy recipe. To glass of milk I'm adding around 5 spoons of oat flakes and I'm cooking this until it will be thicker. I'm also adding little table spoon of honey. 
13716242_1212897635400550_3023850256347480623_n Fruit madness:
To preparing this oatmeal I added only half portion of milk and oat flakes because I wanted to use a lot of fruits. To cooked oatmeal I added fruits like: kiwi, peach, blueberries, apples. I mixed everything together and I added a little bit of cinnamon. 

To this version of oatmeal I added a little bit of cinnamon why I was cooking it. When oatmeal was ready I added passion fruit, another kind of peach "ufo" and blackberries homemade jam.

Chocolate paradise:
This time oatmeal in chocolate version. To base I added a little bit of cinnamon and little spoon of cacao. At the end I added raspberries and healthy breakfast is ready :D

It's just the 3 of my propositions. Of course I've done more other kinds of oatmeals but I just didn't make a photos. If you like vanilla you can add to cooking oatmeal vanilla stick and you got amazing flavor. If we're talking about ingredients you can add nuts or any kind of fruits you like. I really like chocolate oatmeal with apples and cinnamon. How do you like my recipes? :) 
Have a nice friday :*

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