Monday, March 14, 2016

Love & passion

I think all of you have few things or at least one thing that likes the most in life, because all of us have passion in our life. It can be singing, dancing, painting, it doesn't matter what it is. The most important thing that it's something you love and you're happy when you can do this. I don't know about you but when I think about my passion even the worst day seems to be better. Do you know such feeling? If yes you will understand this post because I will tell you about my to be honest latest love and passion. Probably some of you realized what it is but if not this is the answer.

Few months ago I started attending at salsation classes in my fitness club and you know what? I totally fell in love with this kind of fitness activity :D Until this time I thought that Zumba is the best thing but even if I still like Zumba right now Salsation took my heart and I think it won't change so fast. Maybe I will start what exactly means Salsation because name can be misleading. The creator of Salsation is Alejandro Angulo, really great man who is always smiling and every his video is full of energy and motivation for rest of the day. Salsation is combination of words "salsa" and "sensation". But salsa doesn't mean only dance in this case it also means souce (in spanish souce = salsa) and you can translate it as mix of styles, cultures and rhythms. Of course it's dance fitness so you can also work on your body on every class like in zumba but with more dance because on this classes instructor can teach you how to do some figures in good way for example izolations and the most important thing is that in salsation you have to follow the song so if you hear in song "follow the sun" you have to show it. So lyrics in every salsation song is the most important, but of course even the best kind of fitness class can be ruined because of but instructor but I was lucky and my instructor to Salsation is the best :D He impressed me with his dance and positive energy, he's always full of energy seriously permanent ADHD :P Few weeks ago I missed salsation classes because he had problems with his leg and it was really bad weekend, seriously even if I'm tired because of too many classes at my university I'm going on Salsation and I feel like I can do everything. If you like dancing and you didn't try Salsation I fully reccomend it :D If you can't go on proffesional classes in fitness club it's no problem you can try it in your home with videos from youtube. At the end of this quite long post I will show you few of my favorite choreographies from Salsation :D 

First I fell in love with music then with this choreo :D Sin Contrato <3

It was one of the first choreo I tried and love from the first "sight" <3

Amazing song, even better choreography :D Dance never felt so good :D

Quite hard choreography not because of moves but because of rhythm but really good :D

If you liked those videos and you want more check Alejandro's channel on yt there you will find so many great choreos :D

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