Thursday, December 10, 2015

Win with shyness

At the beginning I would like to apologize for not being here really often and I know that I was a little bit silent here but I'm working on it :)

So now I would like to tell you about something what was and I think still is a problem for me- shyness. Do you also have such problem? If yes then you can understand me :)
I always was closed person. Going to new school where I don't know anyone was really traumatic for me. Meeting new people was also big problem, I've never was a type of person who can talk to everybody. When I was younger I was even afraid of telling about myself, I was afraid that when I say or do something everybody will be laughing at me. Maybe it was because of my school where most of the children was really mean for others. They didn't have any special reason, the thing that you were wearing something what they didn't like was enough reason to make laugh of you and saying gossips. Luckily all the things started to change when I went to high school. I met there  nicer people and I met really great friends but I was still shy. So maybe you're wondering what happened that right now I'm more confident, that I'm able to show that I'm woman and finally I don't have complexes about my body. Well the thing is simple :) Do you remember my post about endorphins and about training? That was the thing. Going on fitness trainings and zumba classes was one of the thing that made me more confident. On zumba classes you know that you're not alone, you know that other people are looking at you and you have to dance sometimes even sexy moves. At the beginning I was a little bit self-conscious but right now I'm not afraid of moving my hips even when istructor is a man and he has better moves than women :P

So girls if you want to feel more confident and you like dancing try zumba :) It's really good way to feel better, happier, train your body, feel more confident and meet new interesting people :D

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