Thursday, December 17, 2015

My personal top 10 of covers

Hello everybody :) Did I write already that I like listening to music? I think I did :D Anyway I can't imagine my life without music I can't go out from home without my earphones. Is it addiction? Well I don't know but it won't kill me for sure :D

When you read a title of this post you can asked "who is she to wrote such Top 10 list" the answer is simple I just like finding interesting things on youtube. I like looking for different versions of popular songs and I found few diamonds and I really want to show you my personal Top 10 list :) (Like I wrote in title it's my personal opinion so probably you have different opinion but it doesn't matter if you want you can send me covers that you like to listen. It will be really great :) )
So let's start my list of course from the end to the top. 3...2...1... GO!


Jackie Lopez- You know I'm no good (original: Amy Whinehouse)

I really like original song but I fell in love with Jackie's voice :D


Nicole Cross- Girl on fire (original: Alicia Keys) 

I found this amazing German girl by accident but I don't regret :) She is really great so if you're interested check her different covers like: All about that bass, Blank Space or also Four five seconds.


Demi Lovato- Stay (original: Rihanna)

If you're reading my blog probably you know that I'm fan of this young singer :) For me she has really amazing voice and when I heard this cover for the first time I got chills, her voice is so strong :D I was thinking which song put here because I also love her version of Ed Sheran's song Give me love (You can listen to this song here :)

7:Kina Grannis- Oops I did it again (original: Britney Spears)

I will be honest with you guys I'm not fan of Britney Spears but when I heard this cover it just stucked in my head for weeks. I hope you guys will like it :D

6:Daniela Andrade- Billie Jean (original: Michael Jackson)

I really love King of Pop and generally every time when I hear cover of his songs I don't like it but this time it was different :) Although this girl really changed this amazing energetic song but I like this calm version  :)

5:Demi Lovato- Hello (original: Adele)

I know what you can think :P Again Demi but it's not my fault that she did few really good covers :) Of course for me Adele is one of the best singers today and her voice is absolutely original but Demi did great job with this powerfull voice and so much emotions she put into this song :)

4:Sofia Karlberg - Crazy in love (original: Beyonce)

I just couldn't miss the oprtunity to put this cover here :) Sometimes I have a feeling that this version is even more popular than Beyonce's. Of course it's not I don't like Beyonce's songs because I really do. I was even on her concert but I will lie if I say that this cover isn't good :)
And now be careful :D Final places :D

3:Postmodern Jukebox - Roar (original: Katy Perry)

If you like vintage style then you should check this amazing group :D They are really amazing and almost every song in their versions are real brillants :D 

2:Demi Lovato- Take me to church (original: Hozier)

And again Demi, I'm so sorry guys :P but this cover for sure deserves such good place to be honest I had problem between this cover and her cover of Ain't no way, but Take me to church won because I'm not fan of original version but I fell in love with this song after this cover :D

1!:The Baseballs- Umbrella (original: Rihanna)

I'm big, big fan of this amazing German coverband :D I fell in love with them just because of this song and I can tell you that I wasn't the only one :D I never liked this song but these German guys totally changed my opinion about this song :D If you want check their other covers because they're doing really great job since 2009 :D

So it's the end of my Top 10, I hope you guys liked it :D If you have other propositions I'm open for it :) Have a nice evening :D

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