Saturday, March 5, 2016


Hello everybody! It's Saturday, finally weekend and I can say that it was great day and for sure I will not forget about it  :D You can ask me why I named this post Superheroes, the answer is simply I was at the zumba marathon that has name Zumba Superheroes :D It was special event for womens day (that we have here in Poland 8th of March). Just imagine houndreds girls on the dancefloor and 9 handsome dancers on stage? Can it be better? I think it can't. Sexy moves, a lot of energy and biggest smile ever on every face. That was worth more than thousands words. If there is someone who is interested in zumba and wasn't on such party I fully reccomend it. Totally amazing <3
Of course guys had few suprises for us. First was opening dance as police officers and second thing sexy dance as builders... just imagine all of them has great body and know how to use it. Of course such party can't exist without some choreos without shirts but of course boys were dancing topless not girls :P
I know that such short description will not show you my feelings and emotions from this few hours but I have short video from you and when I will have official video from this party I will also show it to you :)

So have a good night and maybe sweet and sexy dreams after this video :)

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