Monday, February 29, 2016

First time with hybrid

Hello everybody today I created new group in my posts :) It's "My nails" and you can find it in my menu when you open Lifestyle :) I created such group because I really like painting my nails, I like creating designs it helps me to relax :)

 Few day ago I finally bought Starter kit to hybrid manicure from Semilac. I heard a lot of good words about hybrid manicure from my friends and it helped me a lot to made my decision so here it is I bought this kit :D
Here you can find everything what you will need to start your story with hybrid manicure:

 - LED lamp
- semilac base
-semilac top
- semilac color (026 My Love)
- semilac nail cleaner
-semilac remover
- striper (this little thing looking like guitar pick)
- remover wraps
- two nail files
- polishing block
- dust-free swabs

To be honest I was a little bit afraid to buy this kit and to do hybrid manicure but I did it and I have to say that in my opinion it wasn't that bad :) I really like the effect on my nails and my nails seems to be harder right now but I will see what will happen when I will clean them (I heard that it's the hardest thing in this kind of manicure ). I will tell you about my full opinion about hybrids after some time but I think it's not that bad as first time :) what do you think?
Of course it's not the color I got in kit :) It's Mint that I ordered with full kit :) I love it <3

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