Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sport? No thank you

My last post was about endorphins after good training but today I would like to tell you how to get this edorphins because what if someone thinks that sport isn't for him?

I can tell you that when I was younger - wow it sounded like I will be 40 but I'm not :) I'm 21 :P - anyway since I was in primary school I was doing everything not to practice on my PE lessons. My only phisical activity was skiing in winter time and that's it. I couldn't even swim, I didn't like PE lessons because my teachers were awful. Sometimes I think that they knew only few team sports like valleyball and basketball. Seriously? There is so many things you can do on your PE classes but the sad thing is that everything depends on good PE teacher. If he/she likes his job and wants to encourage kids to sport activity then such lessons can be great but if you have such teachers as I had then such classes are real horror for you.

Maybe you're wonder what happend to me that right now I like hard training and it's not a horror for me anymore it's just a pleasure. Well the answer is simple :) Everything changed when I started my studies. I'm a student in Academy of Phisical Education, I'm not on such faculty like sport or something like that but it's not necessary. To be honest first year wasn't easy because I had swimming pool classes so you can imagine that it wasn't good time for me when I couldn't swim. But there was that really important person who helped me and showed me that I can more than I think. My trainer. In that time I had enough of him, I thought that he wants to kill me with all excersises but because of him now I CAN swim. Maybe not like a champion but I'm not afraid of water anymore :) Of course ability to swim isn't the only thing I got from my studies.

Now I think I'm more confident and brave. Seriously, I was always really shy and afraid of everything but on my studies I had to try a lot of things. I had to try sailing, canoeing, windsurfing (after that I had more bruises on my legs than my skin :P) I can tell that in this time I thought that it's the worst thing in my life but now when I think about it after 2 years I have only positive toughts in my mind :) It was only warm up because the main reason why I like sport now was when I had fitness classes. I realized that it's really nice thing, that it's really nice felling after such training and I feel really good. That's why I bought student pass to gym and I love going on zumba classes, fitness classes, to the gym or I like doing work out in my home. I realized that right now my body looks better, I feel better and I like myself.

Even if I know that PE classes are really important I think that it's not children's fault that they don't want take part in it. Maybe it's something wrong with teachers that they are not good enough to their work? Of course I know that there are a lot of good teachers that they're like their job but still not all children have such luck :(
And now just to end my quite long post with something positive I have my favorite zumba video for you. I love this guy and this dance :D ZUMBA :D

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