Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's day

At the beginning I would like to apologize for not being here for so long but I was busy with my session and I had problems with my laptop so I wasn't able to write anything here so I'm back :)

Today is special day for a lot of people- Valentine's day :) Personally I don't like this day but I  think it's more because of this too sweet atmosphere in shops. In my opinion if you love someone you should show him/her your love everyday not only in this one day in a year. If you're with someone maybe you should make a dinner for you partner not only today but on other occasion or just without occasion just to show that you still take care? :) Of course is always nice to hear good words or get flowers from you partner but why only in this one day in a year? Guys you have 365 days per year to show your love so don't waste your time :D

Anyway it's still 14th of February so because of this day let's listen to some love songs :) It's my personal Top 15 of best love songs :)

15. Fankie Valli- Can't take my eyes off you

This song is forever immortal :) When I was younger I could't remember title of this song because the only thing I could sing "I love you baby..." :D Anyway I love this song, just classic :)

14. Glenn Medeiros- Nothing gonna change my love for you

I know that for some people it's not the best type of music but nothing can change the fact that this song is beautiful :) To be honest I will be happy if someone sing this song for me :)

13. The Bangles- Eternal Flame


Time for first woman's voice in this list :) Even if this song isn't too complicated if we're talking about lyrics I still like this song :)

12.  Nat King Cole- L.O.V.E

Immortal Nat :) Some oldies but what a great song <3 Just to explain the fast that it's only 12 place on my list doesn't mean that it's not good song, it's one of the best love song for me :D

11. Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

Time for some modern music :) I think that probably all of you heard this song at least one time :) It's hit because of movie Fifty Shades of Grey but there is something special in this song for me :)

10. Celine Dion- Because you loved me

The Queen Celine :) 

9. Roxette- Listen to your heart

My favorite song of this band :) For me absolutely brillant :D I love this song since I was a kid. Last year I was on the concert of Roxette and they played this song and I cried. Such a good piece of music 

8. Whitney Houston- I will always love you

Is there someone who don't know this song? Probably not :) It's so sad that we lost such voice.

7. George Michael - Careless Whisper

I'm not big fan of this artist but this song I really like :) But I think 7th place in my list means something :)

6. Beyonce- Love on top

Another Diva :) When I was younger I've always wanted to be like her, to have such voice and I was trying to dance like her in Single Ladies video :)

5. Michael Bolton - When a man loves a woman

This voice gives me chills everytime I hear this song :) If every man behave like on this song 

4. Richard Marx- Right here waiting

One of my favorite love song that I always wanted to hear it on my wedding someday, not to first dance but somewhere in the middle :)

And here it is final places :D

3.  John Legend- All of me

My favorite modern love song :) When I heard the story behind this song I was even more in love 

2. Elvis Presley- Can't help falling in love with you

Long live the King <3 Can't help falling in love with this song, artist and voice . One day I saw beautiful video from wedding and since this day hearing this song in church on my wedding is my dream. I would like to have it when I will be walking to altar. Do you think that it's too much of dreaming when I will say that the best option for me will be when my future husband will sing it? :P

And the best love song for me :D

1. Righteous Brothers - UNCHAINED MELODY

I love this song since first time I saw movie Ghost. I always cry when I'm watching this movie, amazing story of real love. A lot of people are saying that Elvis recorded the best version of this song but not for me. I love orginal version that was in movie and I'll never change my mind. Absolutely amazing.

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